Conscious Breathworks™

Capnometer Assisted Re-Education (CARE)

                          Capnometer Assisted Re-Education (CARE)
20/30 Minutes                                                                                   £35.00
This will comprise of four to six breathing rates to evaluate the individual’s chemical response within their breath work.
*Full breathing assessment 1 (FBA1) 1 hour                                £85.00
FBA will comprise of a lifestyle assessment covering home, work and social life with a NIJMEGEN QUESTIONNAIRE along with the Capnometer Biofeedback.  All this will show the individuals baseline breath work, how cognitive behaviour affects your breathing rate and physical postural points that also affect the breathing process.
*Re-education into conscious Breath works 40 min/ 1 hour        £65.00
Re-education into better Breath works will use the Capnometer and personal guidance into how it feels to breathe more efficiently on a daily, hourly and minute basis.  To make the process of better breathwork being more habitual to benefit cognitive and physical performance.
Making sure the process feels right to achieving the right balance.
*1.1/2 hours   FBA2                                                                             £115.00
Combination of the above but with additional guidance on situational conscious breathworks™
 along with Heart rate variability charts.
 Training Programme.
FBA1 + 1 Re-training session                                             £135.00
FBA1 + 2 Re-training sessions                                           £185.00
FBA1 + 3 Re-training sessions                                           £235.00

FBA2 + 1 Re-training session                                             £160.00
FBA2 + 2 Re-training session                                             £210.00
FBA2 + 3 Re-training session                                             £260.00


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